Our History

Italianni's Hurst

Originally a concept started by Carlson Restaurants, the parent company of TGI Friday’s, Italianni’s Restaurant was envisioned as being an affordable place to enjoy great Italian food in a family friendly setting with a focus on homemade recipes prepared from scratch. Carlson Restaurants made the decision at the turn of the millennium sell off the US location, and the Russell family purchased the original location in Hurst in 2002. Staying true to the original concept but putting a personal touch that only an owner operated restaurant can provide, the Russells have enjoyed growing Italianni’s into what it is today and always look forward to all the new and exciting people the future brings in.


Joyce Russell


When the Russell family bought Italianni’s in 2002, Brett, my oldest son, partner, and newly graduated from UT Austin at the time, set about to create a unique and highly enjoyable dining experience that would keep guests coming back not only as customers but as friends, too. Over the years, we have both felt honored to have met so many gracious and extraordinary people. Our original goal was to make every customer feel like guests in our own homes while providing fresh, made from scratch food with bold flavors, fresh ingredients, subtle textures, and hearty portions. But most of all we want you to feel welcomed and to provide you with a dining experience that you will remember for how much you enjoyed not only the food, but the hospitality, too.


Brin Burke

General Manager

Brin Burke hails from Ohio originally but has been a Texan long enough to be called one as evidenced by him saying “hey y’all”. (This was recently pointed out to him by his Ohio friends.) Brin started with Italianni’s (after a couple bumps in the road) as a waiter but his skills and his personality soon led him to the bar first then management. Brin is the one that keeps us and customers all laughing through the daily trials and tribulations of running a restaurant. (He is also a huge Michigan fan.)


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